My work with addictive behaviors and substance use

Experiencing recovery from an addiction has enhanced my work with those struggling with their own addiction(s). I am familiar with the twelve steps as used in a number of recovery settings. My preference for recovery is abstinence, however this can be defined in a myriad of ways. Development of a path to abstinence is often pursued with my client.

The adolescent stage in human development

Much happens during the stage of adolescent development. This stage of development is approximately 15 years in length. The adolescent has certain tasks to complete during this period. I believe the most important is the task of separation. This often creates conflict in the home. I have worked 20 years with adolescents and their families and have much to share to help with this difficult period in the family.

Anxiety and Depression

These are two of the most common mental health issues that interfere with our work, love, or play. At times they are felt emotions and other times are acted out, especially in adolescence. My training in Cognitive Behavioral therapy and Internal Family Systems has benefited my clients in our work together.


Grief visits us in different forms throughout our life span. At times, it can be complicated. I've worked with those grieving in different stages and forms throughout my career using empathic listening, relationship building, and cognitive behavioral therapy.


Online sessions are becoming popular in today's world. I've been doing teletherapy for over two years with students away at college, clients in the busy world of work, and those who prefer this type of session because of personal issues.